Hammelman Law, PLLC is ready to help individuals and small businesses who are looking for personal service with an attorney you can trust at more affordable rates than a large firm. Hammelman Law understands that the legal needs of small businesses and individuals who are considering starting a small business are unique. Hammelman Law can help with the formation of your small business, potentially including filing any trademark or copyright, at a rate that is affordable. Hammelman Law can also help you with your estate planning needs. Wills, trusts, POAs, and additional documents can be drafted expediently, if necessary.

Melanie is the wife of a US Army veteran and understands that sometimes arrangements need to be made expediently to account for an upcoming deployment, whether for a service member or a civilian. She is also the mother of 2 young children and understands the stresses of trying to choose the best guardians for your child(ren) and the best way to structure the disposition of your assets, when you are gone. You will work directly with Melanie, and you will receive personalized services tailored around your specific needs.


Melanie has been wonderful.  We actually never managed to meet Melanie, through no fault of hers.  [My husband's] work and travel schedules are so crazy that we had to cancel our appointments with Melanie several times, and even though she offered to meet us on a Saturday, that did not work out either.

Many thanks to Melanie for being so patient with us!


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Licensed in Virginia and Maryland

Hammelman Law, PLLC assists individuals with business matters and estate planning in Maryland and Virginia and trademark and copyright applicants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


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