Business Formation

Do you know how to properly form your business without imposing unnecessary liability on yourself? No? Well, I don't know everything about your industry either! Everyone has different talents and areas of expertise.

Hammelman Law understands that while entrepreneurs are typically well versed in their industry, there are many legal requirements that are daunting to a new business owner. There are also different considerations for those who plan to have a small, closely held business or who are looking to potentially form a larger corporation or potentially expand at a later time. THere are different requirements and general characteristics for each type of business entity. We can assist with completing and filing the necessary documents for everything from formation of your business entity and obtaining a state and federal tax identification number to filing with the local governmental authorities for home businesses. At the outset of representation, after some initial information is provided Hammelman Law can provide entrepreneurs with a tailored list of all necessary filing requirements.

Contracts and Contract Negotiations

Do you utilize subcontracts for your business? Do you engage with customers, wholesalers, retailers, or other businesses in the regular course of your business? Don't let the other party draft your contracts for you. It seems like it would save time and money, and it might on the front end, but on the back end it can cause some real issues if there are missed payments or the business relationship otherwise turns sour.

Hammelman Law understands the need to develop contracts and agreements to promote growth and protection for your business,.  It’s best to have an attorney create your contracts, if you can, and the best way to try to avoid legal problems for your business is to have all agreements in writing and to have each written agreement reviewed by an attorney before you sign it.

We can also assist with any negotiations required to come to an agreement with another party. Contract negotiations are often a difficult, but necessary, process to furthering an individual's career goals or the goals of a small business.

Employees and Independent Contractors 

Do you have internal policies and procedures in place? What happens if you run into a problem with an employee's behavior or how they are handling sensitive or proprietary company information? If you don't have contracts, other documents, and policies in place, then you probable don't know. If you don't know, that means it would be up to a court to decide if you ran into a problem wi an employee or independent contractor and either of you felt they needed legal intervention. You can save yourself a lot of money and headache if you get your paperwork in order.

Additionally, we can provide guidance and information on whether it would be more beneficial to hire employees or independent contractors for certain types of work and what the guidelines must be followed to ensure an independent contractor is not accidentally treated like an employee, which can create additional legal problems for business owners.

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