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At Hammelman Law, PLLC (“Hammelman Law”), we believe that estate planning is not as much for you, as it is for the loved ones you leave behind. This means, most people want to make it as easy as they can for their loved ones to handle their passing.


Unfortunately, a death in the family doesn’t always bring out the best in the rest of the family members. Likely, people will be emotionally charged and that can turn what is already a stressful time in your life, even more so.  This is where having an estate plan comes into play. Hammelman Law will work with you to create an Estate Plan that accounts for all of your desires for leaving the assets you have to your loved ones, charities, or both.


Melanie Hammelman comes from a blended family and understands the complexities of planning when there are children that are not biologically related to both parents. Rest assured that we will formulate a plan to take care of everyone in your family, no matter what your family looks like. This may mean children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and even pets! We can also plan for your business and how you would like that to be handled at your death.

Let Hammelman Law help you get your Estate Plan together, so your loved ones don’t have one more thing to worry about when you’re gone. We handle estate planning and business law matters in Northern Virginia and Maryland. In Virginia attorneys are given the title of Attorney and Counselor at Law. Melanie takes not only the title of Attorney seriously, but the title of Counselor at Law, as well, and enjoys providing her clients with advice and counseling as to the best options for an estate plan, given the specific family situation and ultimate desire for asset distribution.

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