Do you utilize subcontracts for your business? Do you engage with customers, wholesalers, retailers, or other businesses in the regular course of your business? Don't let the other party draft your contracts for you. It seems like it would save time and money, and it might on the front end, but on the back end it can cause some real issues if there are missed payments or the business relationship otherwise turns sour.

Hammelman Law understands the need to develop contracts and agreements to promote growth and protection for your business,.  It’s best to have an attorney create your contracts, if you can, and the best way to try to avoid legal problems for your business is to have all agreements in writing and to have each written agreement reviewed by an attorney before you sign it.

We can also assist with any negotiations required to come to an agreement with another party. Contract negotiations are often a difficult, but necessary, process to furthering an individual's career goals or the goals of a small business.

Serving all of Northern Virginia, including, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, and Prince William County.

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Licensed in Virginia and Maryland

Hammelman Law, PLLC assists individuals with business matters and estate planning in Maryland and Virginia and trademark and copyright applicants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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